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We as Harmony teachers would like to visit our parents at home to build relationship, unity, and trust between parent teachers and students. We would like to talk about your child’s future, upcoming events and highlight some important part of education for 15-20 minutes. Please fill out the form below. Thank you!

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Estimados padres,

Nosotros como profesores nos gustaría visitar su hogar, para construir una relación, unidad y de confianza entre los maestros y los estudiantes. Así también nos gustaría hablar sobre el futuro de su hijo, de los próximos eventos y destacar algunos aspectos importantes sobre la educación solo durante 15-20 minutos. Por favor, complete el siguiente formulario. Gracias

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Dear Harmony Parents,
At Harmony Public Schools we are a family and we want to empower our Harmony alumni.
Many of our graduates come from underrepresented communities and seek life-changing
opportunities through higher education. In 2016, 59% of our graduates were from under-served,
economically-deprived communities.
Despite their excellent academic preparation and their initial acceptance into the University of
their choice; an unacceptable number of Harmony students are not completing their college
education programs due to the lack of financial and other social/emotional support services.
Thanks to the success and exponential growth of Harmony; 6582 students have graduated so
far and 11,686 are projected to graduate in 2020. However, our current funding sources are
unable to meet the demands of these programs and students.
In support of these students, we’ve established the Harmony College Fund (HCF) which
provides financial, academic and emotional support to all graduates through scholarships,
mentoring, internship programs and other services.
Our current services
– College transition program
– Scholarship
– Mentoring
– College check-ins
– Summer melt prevention advising for college freshmen and sophomores
– Alumni college organizations
– Harmony internships
– Alumni events and activities to stay connected
“Help us to make our Harmony students’ college and career dreams possible!!!”
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Thanks for all the contributions,
Have a great day.

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