Wonderful Opportunity for high school students and parents of high school students!!

Greg Rife, representative from Outreach & High School Services at Brookhaven College will be presenting information about various technical programs for students who are looking for other opportunities for training and education.  We will have a presentation on Tuesday, May 22, at 5:30pm at HSA Carrollton.  He will answer questions about admissions, program requirements, and things students can work on during their high school career to prepare for the various programs.  Some of the programs are:

Child Development

Computer IT

Automotive Tech

Nursing Assoc

Health IT

Please RSVP Mr. Teegarden or Ms. Rizvi at 

mteegarden@harmonytx.org or zrizvi@harmonytx.org 

                         by May 20th

See you there to make a more successful life for our students.