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2018 Accountability Ratings Overall Summary

To get more information regarding the campus accountability ratings overall summary report (2018), please click on the link below. https://rptsvr1.tea.texas.gov/cgi/sas/broker?_service=marykay&_debug=0&batch=N&app=PUBLIC&ptype=H&_program=perfrept.perfmast.sas&ptype=P&level=campus&search=campnum&namenum=161807013&prgopt=2018/acct/summary.sas  

Senior Sunrise

Each year the high school senior class plans some activities to celebrate their final year together in Harmony.  Today, they attended Senior Sunrise; they came to school at 6 AM. They were served breakfast, signed the Senior poster, and had fun.

Husky Counselor Team

Hello Huskies! We would like to introduce to you the new COUNSELING team! We have three (3) faculty now on our team! We are: Michael Teegarden (Lead Counselor; contact him at mteegarden@harmonytx.org), Mr. Emrah Akay (College and Career Success Coordinator; Alumni Coordinator; and Counselor; contact him at eakay@harmonytx.org), and Mr. Metin Budak (Activities/Engagement Coordinator and Counselor; contact […]