Credit By Exam (CBE) and Acceleration Exam (AE)

Credit by Examination without Prior Instruction

Credit by Examination with Prior Instruction 

Harmony Public Schools may approve examinations for acceleration to test a student’s essential knowledge and skills for each primary school grade level and for credit for secondary school academic subjects.

A student in grades 6–12 will be given credit for an academic subject in which he or she has had no prior instruction if the student scores 80% or above on a criterion-referenced test for the applicable test (see AE, below). Credits obtained through CBE (without instruction) will not be calculated for GPA and class rank.  Those tests require 70% or above scores.

Students are required to apply for testing at least one month prior to the first day of testing. A student may not attempt to earn credit by examination for a specific high school course more than two times. Students may take a specific exam only once during each testing window. 


Deadline for test orders                                            Test Dates

August                                                                   August-September

October                                                                      November   

February                                                                        March

April                                                                                May


Exam request procedures:


  1. Please request the CBE Registration Form from the Head College Counselor. 
  2. Once the form is completed and returned to the Head College Counselor, the test will be ordered and scheduled.  If payment is required, the amount and method will be communicated.
  3. CBE tests will be administered during the school day unless the student requests a Saturday administration. The student will be allowed 3 hours to complete most tests.
  4. HSA Carrollton will receive the score report in approximately 2 weeks. The grade will be updated in Skyward, and the student will be provided with a copy of the score report.
  5. Note: Test registration dates and administration dates may be subject to change.


Frequently Asked Questions

 ∙ What is the difference between Credit by Exam (CBE) and Acceleration Exam (AE)? 

Acceleration Exams (AEs) are given to any student without prior instruction in a course or specialized tutoring, so they may earn course credit. Credit-by-Exam (CBEs) is given for credit recovery for those students who have received instruction, yet credit was not awarded for the course. 

∙ What score must I make? 

Students must receive an 80 or above to receive credit for a course for acceleration (AEs). A score of 70 or above is needed for credit recovery (CBEs). 

How long do I have to complete an exam? 

Three hours are allowed for most exams. 

∙ Where are tests administered? 

At your campus: Harmony Science Academy- Carrollton

 ∙ How often are Acceleration Exams or Credit-by-Exams offered by HSA Carrollton? 

Exams are offered twice in the Fall and twice in the Spring.

∙ How do I find out about my score? 

Your score will be mailed to your school. The school counselor will give you your official score report. 

∙ Will my exam grade be on my transcript? 

For CBE, Yes, and the grade will be factored into GPA calculations as a non-weighted course.  For AE, Yes, but the grade will not be calculated for GPA and class rank.

 ∙ May I retake the test?

 Yes, one additional time.  State law permits a maximum of 2 times per test.