Hello and a warm welcome from the HSA PTO!

Families, teachers, and staff are the backbone of our strong and supportive community
at HSA. The PTO welcomes the participation of all parents, grandparents, and guardians – all
of the wonderful people who care for and about HSA students. The more you engage with the
school community, the more rewarding your experience at HSA will be. We encourage you to
look for opportunities to volunteer and share your experience and talents.  Small or big time
commitment – there is a place for you!
To support the school and become a member of the PTO, we ask that you pay PTO
dues of $10 per person for this school year.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our PTO with any questions, suggestions or to volunteer
in any way that you can! You can contact us at hsapto1024@gmail.com

PTO Flyer

PTO Membership Form

HSA PTO President
Shasity Davidson